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Whether you choose to lease or sell your minerals, 1907 Land company is dedicated to making the entire process as simple as possible.  


Contact us online or over the phone for a free evaluation of your minerals.


Once we have evaluated your mineral interest we will give you a cash offer


If you choose to accept our offer, we will send a leasing packet or purchasing packet to you in the mail.  Once you send the signed paperwork back to us we begin our title work.


After the title work is complete we issue payment either in person or certified mail.  We issue payment within 30 business days after receipt of the signed paperwork.

  • What is the difference between selling and leasing my mineral rights?
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  • What are the advantages of selling my mineral rights?
    fast money
  • How long does an oil and gas lease last?
    A typical lease will be for three years, however depending on the terms of the lease the amount duration can vary.
  • What does the royalty mean on an oil and gas lease?
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  • What is a pooling?
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  • How are gross acres and net acres different?
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